Jan 272016

RoboAwesome is back in session! It’s been almost 2 years since we went dark and pulled the plug on our efforts to pursue video game journalism. For a while there we were going pretty strong getting review copies of games, invitations to industry only events, and making relationships and contacts with creative writers, game developers, and publishers.

I don’t expect this new endeavor will go quite firmly in that direction but video games will most certainly have a big influence around here. The main idea for RoboAwesome is to give us place to drop off the clutter of both interesting and hilarious things we think about all day long.

Keep checking in as we release new content. The site certainly needs some work so that is going to be a large part of my early focus but what we really want to do is just get down to making good content. Whether that’s game reviews, podcasts, creative writing or web comics we just want to provide a little entertainment.

But hey at the end of the day what do we know about anything?¬†Well, it goes a little something like this…

Fine Art Appreciation