Jan 132013


Welcome back my lovelies!  We are here for out last dive into Aliens vs. Predator with out neighborhood friendly Robo JynX.  So far we defeated an alien queen, ran through the forest and discovered that Weyland Yutani is trying to train aliens to be soldiers! What ever will our team of heroes do to put an end to this madness!

We rejoin the action as the predator hunter enters the marine ship taking off into space, looking for answers and a conclusion to his hunt!

Goodness do i love this game. It’s been so much fun playing through it, I almost don’t want it to end.. But it has too, hopefully I’ll do a little better in keeping myself alive and taking out some marine and alien scum at the same time. Wish me Luck!

I do very much hope you are all enjoying the vids. Leave some comments, this being my first series in what will hopefully be quite a few, I am always looking for your advice and thoughts to make things better.

Game recommendations? Maybe something with Multiplayer? What are some things you, the readers and viewers would like to see?

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Peace out cub scouts!

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Jan 092013

Arcade 1


The aliens are everywhere! Whatever will JynX do? Oh yea, take his Predator Hunter and just feck shtuff up. We continue our playthrough of Aliens Vs. Predator with Robo JynX, in this episode we make our way towards the spaceport to track down these marines who are trying to use the aliens as soldiers. Let the carnage resume! 

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Jan 012013



Welcome back my dear friends for the second installment of Robo JynX’s RoboPlay of Aliens Vs. Predator.  In our first video we got a nice little introcution into the game and met our heroes.  We then got to watch JynX take the Predator Hunter and wipe the floor with some alien scum!  Now we rejoin our Hunter friend as he embarks on the second part of his journey.  Enjoy!


So after killing off the alien queen the team finds themselves outside of the hive and catching sight of a crashing ship off in the distance.  What could have caused it to crash?  The plot thickens as our Hunter decided to go check out the crash site.  You aren’t going to believe what he finds.  This section of the game also intorduces a lot more of the human enemies in the game, so pulse rifles and smart guns galore!  Lets do this!

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Dec 282012


Hello there monions!  Robo JynX here and I am here to introduce you to my first RoboAwesome RoboPlay.  This first serier will be one of my favorite games from my younger years, the amazing Aliens Vs. Predator Arcade!  Hell I bet a lot of you out there didn’t even KNOW there was an AvP arcade game.  But there was! It was amazing too!  They used to have them in these huge things that they called “arcades.”  Now for you younger folk who don’t know what an arcade is, it was a magical building with loud flashy boxers all around that kids used to beg their parents to leave them at for hours on end.  But enough of that, onto the fun!

Needless to say this game sucked down a lot of my quarters back in the day and I thought it only right to give you all a glimspe into the greatness that is AvP.  So bit back and relax, grab a soda if you like and follow me as I take you on a tour through one of the great beat-em ups of yesteryear.  Leave a comment if you like and I’ll keep the episodes rolling in. 

Enjoy!!!  (or else…)

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Jul 082010

Hello there again my lovely readers! JynX here and I bring with me a review of recent release from developers Double Tap Games, published by out good friends at SouthPeak Games, TNA iMPACT: Cross the Line. This wrestling clobber fest was released for both the DS and the PSP, but not having a PSP (i wonder where the hell that thing went), I plan on giving you the run down on the DS version of this game.  So I don’t know about any of you but I don’t really watch wrestling anymore.. Don’t get me wrong I used to, a lot, but that was back in the days of the Ultimate Warrior and The Big Boss Man and even The Rockers. Give yourself a pat on the back if you recognized any of those. So after doing some research, sitting on my couch with some top ramen and a coke, I watched some of this TNA and realized that I still like wrestling. Sure it’s fake as hell! But I’ll be damned if it inst at least a bit entertaining, right? Ok ok. Enough about my awesome personal life, lets get on to the game shall we? Why yes we shall, and if you don’t like it.. Then tough… shouldn’t have clicked here huh.

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Jun 292010

God E3 is fun… You know that??  The games, the girls, the swag. A modern day gaming Mecca for any gamer out there.  But I digress, please forgive me I beg you.  How about to makeup for this let me offer you a in depth look at Two Worlds II. Brought to us by the ever amazing publisher SouthPeak Games and developed by the crack team of Topware Interactive and Reality Pump, this title continues the story started in their 2007 game Two Worlds. For those of you familiar with Two Worlds I’m sure you remember that while it sold very well it really didn’t hit the mark with the fans and was put down by the media pretty hard.  Well, three years have passed and the dev team have been working very hard to completely revamp the world for TW II and make sure that they delivered something that would please both them and the fans. I was lucky enough to get a guided tour of the game while visiting the SouthPeak pavilion at E3 this year and was really impressed by what I was shown.  This sequel sets out not only to overcome the perceived shortcomings of its predecessor and give fans the game they always wished for with the series, but to establish Two Worlds II as an example of ground-breaking role-playing game content and design, offering an unforgettable fantasy experience. Continue reading »

Jun 212010

So, I don’t know about you guys but I cant remember the last game I got really excited about. I mean like REALLY excited.  Sure there have been some really great game releases lately and while I was anxious for them to release I could have waited longer if need be.  Well my dear readers, after watching the trailers and actually getting my hands on Vanquish I am seriously counting the days before this graces my console. 

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May 072010

All that glitters is not gold..... But this is!

Two buttons and a spring loaded plunger… Could it get any simpler? Well yeah it could be, I mean there was Pong, but really the simplicity of the Pinball machine is what made then so much damn fun! Though the flashy lights and awesome sounds didn’t hurt either ya know. Try this out my dear reader… Go find a younger child (if you don’t have one feel free to borrow one from your neighbor) ask this child if they know what a pinball game was and if they could show you. Now when that child comes back with their Gameboy or DS and shows you some Pokemon or Kirby pinball game just pat them gently on the head, send them on their way and hang your head in shame.

I did this a few weeks ago, I borrowed one of my younger cousins and asked him this question while we were at the mall. He told me about the Kirby one and the sorts, even walked me around the Gamestop and showed me all the “pinball” games. After shedding a silent tear I walked him over to the arcade and proudly showed him some true pinball machines (though there were only 2….. 2!!!). Though my pride was instantly washed away when he exclaimed “Wow they turned those DS games into real ones! Do they have Pokemon?” I nearly threw myself off the second floor of the mall. Continue reading »

May 042010

So I know I’m not the only one out there who always thought that a mental ward would be a cool place to visit. Play in the padded rooms, or horse around with the electro therapy machines. It would be a blast, wouldn’t it? Let me tell you this, after seeing the inside of the Bright Dawn Treatment Center and how things worked and went along in there… I think I’m going to have to pass. Over the last few weeks I have had the pleasure playing through SouthPeak Games newest release Dementium II, a follow up to their 2007 hit Dementium: The Ward. The latest patient of developer Renegade Kid, this survival horror has fun toying with your mind while you try to survive an onslaught of abominations and demented creatures. Now if you dont know much about the game I suggest you go check out the game site HERE. Just so you can get an idea for what kind of game this really is. It’s just beyond words how awesome it is. So get that straight jacket buckled up tight and grab your flashlight.. Though I haven’t worked out how your gonna hold it yet… Cause it’s gonna get dark and crazy man! Continue reading »

Apr 222010

What has two thumbs and recently got to sit down with the Product Marketing team from SouthPeak Games for a super secret viewing? THIS GUY RIGHT HERE!!

Just a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet with Aubrey and Jeff to get a sneak peak at their secret project, Nail’D.

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