Jan 132013


Welcome back my lovelies!  We are here for out last dive into Aliens vs. Predator with out neighborhood friendly Robo JynX.  So far we defeated an alien queen, ran through the forest and discovered that Weyland Yutani is trying to train aliens to be soldiers! What ever will our team of heroes do to put an end to this madness!

We rejoin the action as the predator hunter enters the marine ship taking off into space, looking for answers and a conclusion to his hunt!

Goodness do i love this game. It’s been so much fun playing through it, I almost don’t want it to end.. But it has too, hopefully I’ll do a little better in keeping myself alive and taking out some marine and alien scum at the same time. Wish me Luck!

I do very much hope you are all enjoying the vids. Leave some comments, this being my first series in what will hopefully be quite a few, I am always looking for your advice and thoughts to make things better.

Game recommendations? Maybe something with Multiplayer? What are some things you, the readers and viewers would like to see?

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Peace out cub scouts!

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Jan 092013

Arcade 1


The aliens are everywhere! Whatever will JynX do? Oh yea, take his Predator Hunter and just feck shtuff up. We continue our playthrough of Aliens Vs. Predator with Robo JynX, in this episode we make our way towards the spaceport to track down these marines who are trying to use the aliens as soldiers. Let the carnage resume! 

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Jan 012013



Welcome back my dear friends for the second installment of Robo JynX’s RoboPlay of Aliens Vs. Predator.  In our first video we got a nice little introcution into the game and met our heroes.  We then got to watch JynX take the Predator Hunter and wipe the floor with some alien scum!  Now we rejoin our Hunter friend as he embarks on the second part of his journey.  Enjoy!


So after killing off the alien queen the team finds themselves outside of the hive and catching sight of a crashing ship off in the distance.  What could have caused it to crash?  The plot thickens as our Hunter decided to go check out the crash site.  You aren’t going to believe what he finds.  This section of the game also intorduces a lot more of the human enemies in the game, so pulse rifles and smart guns galore!  Lets do this!

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Dec 282012


Hello there monions!  Robo JynX here and I am here to introduce you to my first RoboAwesome RoboPlay.  This first serier will be one of my favorite games from my younger years, the amazing Aliens Vs. Predator Arcade!  Hell I bet a lot of you out there didn’t even KNOW there was an AvP arcade game.  But there was! It was amazing too!  They used to have them in these huge things that they called “arcades.”  Now for you younger folk who don’t know what an arcade is, it was a magical building with loud flashy boxers all around that kids used to beg their parents to leave them at for hours on end.  But enough of that, onto the fun!

Needless to say this game sucked down a lot of my quarters back in the day and I thought it only right to give you all a glimspe into the greatness that is AvP.  So bit back and relax, grab a soda if you like and follow me as I take you on a tour through one of the great beat-em ups of yesteryear.  Leave a comment if you like and I’ll keep the episodes rolling in. 

Enjoy!!!  (or else…)

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Jun 252012

Phantasy Star Online was the first online RPG that I really cut my teeth on. It was so fun back then on the Dreamcast to play with your friends. It also had a great sound track to boot. Even hearing one of the songs now sends me into a nostalgia fit. While Sega tried to re-kindle the flame with Phantasy Star Universe, it didn’t stay hot long enough to really give me that old burning PSO feeling I wanted. Now, Sega has been working on Phantasy Star Online 2 and it is currently in open beta. If you can’t read moonspeak, it can be quite challenging to get into this open beta, but lucky for us there is someone with a handy dandy guide to help you try and make sense of all those wacky squiggly lines. If you are interested in giving it a try, be my guest by clicking this link.

It will help a lot with the basics of set up and installation. Beware though, I had trouble mapping buttons to my controller, so I had to use the keyboard and mouse, which honestly wasn’t so bad. Character creation is VERY in depth, and the guide is a little confusing when it comes to that, so I pretty much just clicked something and went for it.  It definitely has that PSO feel, especially with the music. The tutorial has you teamed up with an NPC and gives you the basics of combat. From there I got to wander around the main hub where I ran into another English speaker and we chatted for a moment. I then went on a mission and was joined by a healer half way. I didn’t do a whole lot, because it being in Japanese, all the stuff I wanted to do was overwhelmingly difficult with the language barrier. I did figure out where the shops were and how to equip weapons, so that is good. I hear that someone is working on an English patch to hold us over until we get an American release. I’ll have my fingers crossed and update you as soon as we learn more. Until then, enjoy the video!


??PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2????????????????????????????????


Mar 052012

Hey guys and gals. Something a little different for you all this morning. As RoboAwesome continues to spread its influence across all things, I had an idea for a new series that will be fun for all parties involved. A little back story first. A friend of the family had transferred all his music digitally and decided he didn’t want his vinyl anymore, so he gave my dad two big milk crates full of records. A lot of it my dad wasn’t interested in, or he already had so he in turn gave them to me. I have listened to maybe five of these records so far but I really wanted to listen to more, especially ones I’ve never heard of, but I lacked the motivation. Then I thought, What if I chose one at random and reviewed it on the internet. My buddy Donnie suggested the name Milk Crates and David (RoboComic artist extraordinaire) drew me a FANTASTIC logo. Now I had to do it.

This weeks was Mannfred Manns Earth Band. From what I heard, it seemed like one of those records you’d hear in the background at a typical 70′s party filled with drinking and smoking. Lots of instrumentals and drawn out solos. It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve heard, but I wasn’t really feeling it. I don’t think my cats liked it either. So check out my review of Side A below, and keep an eye out for Side B later this week.

Feb 202012

As Star Wars: The Old Republic was getting ready for release, many people decided to bash on the space combat elements found in SWTOR. Apparently the “On Rails” approach did not appeal to them. I had no issue with them, and being a fan of the Star Fox games, I was excited to see Bioware’s version. I was more than impressed with the action packed space missions. I just HAD to share with you one of my favorites, filled with Capital ships, fighters, explosions, and all that epic Star Wars Space combat feel!


Jan 282012

My dad once told me something that has stuck to me to this day. He said “Boy, no matter how hot a woman is, remember someone some where is sick of her shit!” Such powerful words and I am pretty sure they can be used in this situation. I know there are a lot of Capcom fans and that’s fine. I realize that I am just one man and that my anger towards Capcom for their recent mockery of Megaman may be irrational, but dammit I am passionate about Megaman and this is the last straw for me. Basically, I believe it boils down to bad timing. Had the terrible box art Megaman spoof was around BEFORE all the other BS occurred, I’d be laughing it up with everyone else. Instead they choose the worst possible time. The video below is my response to Capcom for all that they’ve done. I hope you can at least see a little bit of the pain inside me.

Jan 152012

As you have probably gathered from many of my musings as of late, is that I am well entrenched in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Well, rightfully so, its a fantastic game. Now, Huttball isn’t my favorite part of SWTOR, but it is certainly very intense, exciting, and most fun PvP modes I’ve experienced. While Huttball can be considered a jazzed up capture the flag, I like to think of it more as an intergalactic Star Wars football. In fact, the first time I played it, in my head I began to hear the wonderful music from the Nintendo Entertainment System’s greatest sports game: Tecmo Super Bowl. Then it hit me, what if we mixed the two? This project had to be done, but being that Huttball is far my dynamic and explosive, what with the traps, lightsabers, and explosions, I had to use something better. I decided to use Video Game Hard Rockers Armcannon‘s version of “Dutch Town.” After piecing together some choice clips of my Huttball exploits, this is what I have for you. I hope you enjoy it’s nostalgia filled rampage in the stars.