Nov 092011

In an event to publicize the upcoming 3DS release, Super Mario 3D Land, Nintendo sent an army of Marios to invade the John Hancock plaza in downtown Chicago this afternoon. This posse of plumbers seemed to materialize out of nowhere, flash mob style, and then proceeded to do a dance number for the onlookers. Exhausted from busting a move, and in true form for a Chicagoan, one of the Marios walked through the crowd asking for dollars to be put in his hat so he could buy some pizza.

Unfortunately my real camera suffered a technical failure, but I did capture the dance with my phone’s camera. Enjoy, and be sure to check out our continuing coverage of Super Mario 3D Land after it launches on Sunday, November 13th.

(Sorry for the Kirby sounds coming from my phone during the recording…haha.)

  One Response to “Marios Invade Chicago!”

  1. There's been a lot of great publicity for this game. A guy I work with told me Nintendo is making an obstacle course in Times Square this weekend with a coin jump, warp pipes and other Mario-themed stuff. Pretty cool way to get the word out.

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