Mar 072012

In the tradition of Capcom’s many crossover fighters, Team Ninja has announced their upcoming fighter, Dead or Alive 5, will host at least one extra character.

That’s Virtual Fighter’s Akira Yuki squaring off against the deadly Kasumi. While this isn’t Akira’s first crossover appearance, he did ride shotgun in Sonic & Sega All-Star’s Racing, it will be his first crossover in a fighting game. And he may not be alone.

Yousuke Hayashi from Team Ninja explained to Famitsu that going through all the negotiations for just one character would not be a good way to spend time. Now whether this means there will be more Virtual Fighter characters in the game or more characters from other series is unknown. After all Dead or Alive 4 did bring us a Spartan soldier and the handheld Dead or Alive: Dimensions saw cameos from Ridley and Samus Aran of Metroid fame.


Personally I’m hoping for the Hornet from Fighters Megamix to make a comeback.


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  1. I thought he looked familar!

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