Sep 132012

Ok ok, what if we renamed the game Double Mice? Would that work?

Double Dragon: Neon looks pretty awesome. Our review should be up soon. Although I’m set to buy it. One of my favorite developers (WayForward) making a game in one of my favorite genres (beat ‘em ups) is a sure win in my book. Am I the only one who hears “neon” and “retro throwback” and immediately thinks of Tron? Yes? Ok then…


Tried something a little different this week, art wise. Frankly I got a little tired of two characters talking. I wanted to try something different with the darker foreground and the background light source. Hopefully it’s a nice change of pace and not something that looks awful. I do like to think that WayForward’s offices are filled with framed paintings of Shantae. If you’re wondering why I’m making a joke about Disney, of all things, I’ve had them on my mind. If you don’t know why, you obviously haven’t been on tumblr or deviantart lately.


See you next week.

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