Sep 202012

You don’t even want to see the logo for Borderlands 5.

I have not played either Borderlands or Borderlands 2. FPSs are not exactly my favorite genre, but the setting and role-playing elements are definitely interesting to me. I wouldn’t mind trying them out, after all trying a new FPS game is how I discovered how awesome Half-Life was, but alas time is not something I have a lot of. One day when I’m rich and can sit in my solid gold castle and have nothing but free time I’ll go through and play all the games I missed. That being said I wonder how the Borderlands games are going to continue their logos. There’s only so much room in a man’s head to have things blown out of.


To any artists reading this, don’t look at the anatomy in panel three for too long. It WILL make your head hurt.


See you next week.

  One Response to “D-Pad the RoboComic: Logo Blow Out”

  1. Oh but sir… I do want to see the logo for Borderlands 5! LoL!

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