Oct 012012

Well hello stranger. It’s been a while since I did one of these NON-Review type things. Let’s just say, being a daddy takes a lot of time, but it’s totally worth it. This evening it dawned on me that I could morph my super excitement over the Wii U into something. If you listened to our last podcast, which was essentially a Wii U discussion, then you know I have mine pre-ordered. That’s right, I got the deluxe version too. Why wouldn’t you to begin with? It comes with a game for one thing, along with all that extra storage. I am really thrilled about TVii, so thrilled that the silly name doesn’t even bother me. It’s Nintendo, People. They can do whatever the hell they want as long as they are having fun.

Essentially the TVii plans to take over your living room by becoming a super hive mind that controls your TV. With quick access to Netflix and Hulu, TVii isn’t really revolutionizing anything, but that’s not all it does. It can also jack into your normal TV listings and you can control it from there. It’s not just about watching all the TVii goodness either. With the gamepad you can really get into the program. With interactive features oozing out, the TVii functionality will certainly be sticky, but the good kind of sticky. Without even thinking, you can tweet and facebook telling the world about what you’re watching. If it’s sports you’re into, the gamepad gives stats and highlights and all the great sporty things you’d want. Now, I know you can just do all this stuff with your phone and other devices, but not quite like this and not all in one place.

Even with the TVii function, it comes down to the games. There are quite a lot of titles announced that I am really excited about. Here are just five of those.

ZombiU- You know, I am pretty sick of the zombie genre to be honest. That goes for TV, comics, movies, and of course games. This is why I was pretty surprised when I gave an uninterested look into the Ubisoft game ZombiU. The presentation just grabbed me. It gives a sense of urgency without really having a pause button. To check your inventory, you interact with the game pad. I also enjoy the notion that when you die, your character dies. Then you have to make a new character and kill your old character to get your stuff back. UbiSoft has been pumping out some great titles, so I am sure ZombiU will be worth getting at launch.

NintendoLand-GET THE DELUXE! This is the game that comes with the Deluxe version of the Wii U. Essentially it’s a giant Nintendo themed amusement park filled with awesome attractions. These attractions amount to minigames set in the different Nintendo lands. There are many multiplayer games, so you will need some friends to play. If you are the typical forever alone person, there will be plenty of single player action too. ProTip: Keep all your motion plus wiimotes, ‘cause you will need them with the Wii U.

New Super Mario Bros U- It just looks so much more magical than New Super Mario Bros on the Wii was. With the promise of a ton new power ups I am even more curious to see what our porky plumper will be able to do. We’ve already seen squirrel mode, which looks like the cape and raccoon tail had a sick twisted baby. The levels look neat and colorful and challenging. I will also be looking forward to the various multiplayer game types.

Pikmin 3- IT’S PIKMIN! It’s been ages since I last played a Pikmin game. I think it’s one of Nintendo’s newer franchises that really works. Pikmin 3 looks so beautiful in that glorious HD. There are even new types of Pikmin. It just screams fun.

Wonderful 101- This game had my attention as soon as I saw it at E3. It reminds me of a badass Pikmin with super heroes and robots and all the fun stuff you’d ever want. Using these various characters you take on giant monsters and aliens and and and…. Whoa… I’m getting a little worked up here. Anyways, the game looks pretty damned entertaining if you ask me.

Honorable Mention would be TANK! TANK! TANK! It just looks like silly multiplayer fun. I cannot wait for that game as well.

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