Jan 182013

Hey everybody! Do you know what I like? I like demos. I’ve been playing a few demos as of late and I felt I should share my experience with the demo of Fire Emblem Awakening. FEA plays like any other Fire Emblem game. It’s your standard Strategy RPG, but pretty polished. The game is GORGEOUS and the 3D, while not needed to enjoy the game it does look sharp on the right setting. I will be honest, I skipped the dialogue for the most part because I just wanted to dive into the action. Also, I didn’t want to be spoiled for when I get the full release.

The Demo isn't in Moonspeak, I promise.

Fire-Emblem-3DS-screenshot-2 The Demo isn’t in Moonspeak, I promise.

If you’ve never played a Fire Emblem, I wouldn’t be too worried. I am pretty sure the stories are not connected. I have only played the one for the Game Boy Advanced (3Ds Ambassador WHAT UP!). The battles are tactical, the battlefields have different secrets with in them, and the action is tight. If you are a fan of the series, the genre, or just curious about this type of game, do yourself a favor and download this demo. I mean, its FREE! Then if you like, I suggest picking it up on February 4th.

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