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VGM spotlight is where RoboAwesome shows off a great video game music act. These are often acts I have become fans of and have possibly seen live. They are usually great people who are extremely talented and have a lot of passion and heart in what they do.

For our Inaugural VGM Spotlight, I would like to introduce Descendants of Erdrick. How about a quick taste to get your appetite wet.

Pretty Bitchin right?


Now, before you get too deep, I want you to know that they are currently in a transition period. The band I have been experienced will no long exist in that context, however I trust that their new direction will be just as amazing. Lead by Amanda Lepre who is as charming as she is musically gifted, Descendants of Erdrick are a band out of Austin Texas where apparently there is a hotbed of VGM greatness just smoldering to catch our nation on fire. The fires of pure VGM bliss. It’s no wonder I am discussing DoE first, as their former members are spreading out and getting into other great VGM bands. Amanda Lepre recently released a Q and A that answers a lot of questions about the future of the band as well as those other bands I referenced.

Amanda Lepre
Amanda Lepre


Q: Who is in your band?

A: It will be announced soon. Patience.

Q: How is this new band different from the old band?

A: The new band is more RPG/Adventure-centric as far as material goes. We are revisiting a few very classic Descendants of Erdrick ideas from as far back as early 2010, with new, OMFG MY FACE IS MELTING arrangements.

Q: Will you still be doing the songs/arrangements you have been doing in the old group?

A: No and yes. For the time being, you will hear completely new songs. There are at least two medleys for the February debut show that have been done before in the previous group, but they will be done differently in this iteration. At some point, I would like to revisit older arrangements and medleys, but in an updated fashion.

INFORMATION ON OUR FIRST SHOW: https://www.facebook.com/events/446876298714279/

Q: Just RPG/Adventure music? What about Street Fighter? Mega Man? Punch-Out!!? F-Zero? Ninja Gaiden? Journey to Silius? METROID???

A: We are RPG/Adventure-centric, but not limited to that genre in live performances. Patience! The good stuff will be done.

Q: Will you have new albums and recordings of the new group?

A: Yes, in time. We are planning a release in 2013.

Q: Will there be DRAGON QUEST?

A: Duh

Q: You’re stupid. You think you can just throw together new people? I won’t like them. I’m afraid of change. You can’t replace LOBOS, CHRIS, JOHN AND LAUREN, DAMMIT!

A: Nobody could ever replace those guys, and the new band is not a “replacement”. It’s a new sound; it’s a new idea. I promise you, I’ve put together the best musicians I know who have a love for video game music. Some you may know, some you may not know. Trust is essential, here. Trust that I will absolutely ruin every song you ever loved.


Serious answer: I can’t make you like anything. I hope you will give it a chance, and I’m fairly certain we will earn your respect.

Q: I want to be in your group. Are you still in need of members?

A: The basic foundation of the group has been laid out and is complete, however, I am still open to your e-mails. Please drop me a line! amanda@descendantsoferdrick.com

Q: I want to book your new band and/or help in some way or another (graphics/animation/etc). CAN I HELP PLS??

A: Sexy. Send me an e-mail, and we’ll talk. ;) amanda@descendantsoferdrick.com


Q: Tell me everything. I want to follow EVERY band, go to EVERY show, purchase EVERY LAST ITEM OF RECORDING AND MERCH AVAILABLE.

A: I will give you. ALL THE INFORMATION.

Lords of Thunder:


Contains: Mike Villalobos, John Pike

What it is: Super metal stuff. Lobos wears ARMOR on stage. John has a ceramic falcon. That’s METAL.

When can I see them: They are playing with the new Descendants of Erdrick on February 3, 2013 at Red 7. https://www.facebook.com/events/446876298714279/ Some members are not local to Austin, so make sure to catch them anytime you can!

Gimmick! Video Game Rock Band:


Contains: Chris Taylor, Mike Villalobos

What it is: Minibosses-esque straight covers of famous and obscure NES/Gameboy tunes

When can I see them: Keep checking their page!

The Returners:


Contains: Lauren Liebowitz, John Pike, Mike Villalobos

What it is: I have no idea. I just found out about this.

When can I see them: I have no idea. Keep checking their page!

Those Who Fight:


Contains: Amanda Lepre, Lauren Liebowitz (on occasion)

What it is: Final Fantasy-themed rock opera.

When can I see them: It’s not a local group; we only play conventions/festivals and the occasional tour if we can grab one. Not in Texas for the time being. We are playing at PAX East next.

Amanda Lepre:


Contains: Amanda Lepre

What it is: I’ve been a solo singer/songwriter for over a decade, btw. I do have an original album (featuring Chris, John, and Lauren), and I do play original music shows around town from time to time.

When can I see you? THIS SATURDAY. With my full band, opening for Vanispheres (Austin’s own Rush Tribute Band). Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/194318650712003/

Take care, and Tempt Not the Fates!

Exciting times for Descendants of Erdrick as well as these other bands I am sure I will be featuring in our VGM Spotlight.

I encourage you to check out their band camp. http://descendantsoferdrick.bandcamp.com/


Until the next VGM Spotlight!

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