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Final Fantasy Tactics has always been one of my all time favorite games. In fact, my love for it has kept me away from most other Strategy RPGs for fear of them not living up to the greatness that is FFT. Of course there have been a few exceptions, but generally FFT is the game I always fall back on.

As soon as David conjured up this fun segment of RoboAwesome, I immediately knew I had to discuss the Final Fantasy Tactics battle that all fans know. I had to talk about Rooftop. I think I just heard the collective sigh of every FFT fan across the globe. This battle was frustrating as hell but beating it felt so good.


Final Fantasy Tactics being a strategy RPG, there are some simple mechanics that you have to understand. The player has a group of five or six characters with different skills. Each character goes one at a time, including the enemies, so you have to plan your movements and thus the strategy. Occasionally in FFT, you will be joined by a guest character. These guest characters are AI controlled and can sometimes be pretty badass, or they can be Rafa.


The Riovanes Rooftop battle doesn’t sound all that complicated at first. You have to fight two assassins and an arc knight and you get five characters to use. One of them is a guest character which have been helpful so far. Best part is you don’t even have to kill all three enemies. All you have to do is get one of them to critical health. Sounds stupid easy right? You are probably reading this thinking I am crazy. Well guess what? You just touched the stove. There are a couple of things about this fight that make things extra difficult. For one, the assassins have INCREDIBLE range on their abilities, which include paralyzing your characters. Second and most important is that you have to keep Rafa alive. This is even more challenging when she bolts off right into the assassins and starts trying to fight them. There is no stopping that either. You have to make sure your speed is high enough and your heavy hitters don’t get stunned. Then you need to hope luck is on your side.

The funny thing is, back in the day chances are that unless you had a friend who already played it, you had no idea that you needed to get one of the assassins to critical. I remember just trying so hard to get them all locked down and defeated. Once I finally beat it, I realized I just needed to focus fire on one. Even knowing that now doesn’t really take the edge off of the battle. Rafa’s unpredictable nature and the Assassin’s huge range and debuffs make this battle rough for just about anyone. It certainly is a memorable one for all fans of Final Fantasy Tactics. In fact, later today I think I will play this classic again, I mean why not?

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  1. I like the Final Fantasy series but I've never played Final Fantasy Tactics.

  2. 1: Use ninjas.
    2: ???????
    3: Profit

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