Jan 302013


Speaking personally, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker is my second favorite game in the series. I was understandably very happy to hear the announcement of an HD remake. Possibly the most exciting part is the “tune up the overall game experience” Nintendo mentioned. Now it’s most likely that this means Nintendo will slightly alter the textures, draw distances, text speed, and other small insignificant features barely noticeable and no one should get too excited. But where’s the fun in that? Instead, let’s all hop aboard the Pipe-Dream Express and take a trip to Speculation Station. Here’s six changes we’re hoping for.


6) GamePad Integration
Now it’s a pretty safe bet that the GamePad will get used in the game. Having the map and/or inventory on the second screen is a no-brainer. In fact it’s SUCH¬† a no-brainer that it’s hardly worth mentioning. The real fun would be seeing the GamePad used in new ways. Instead of controlling seagulls with the analog sticks one could use the touchscreen to draw out a flight path similar to Phantom Hourglass. Maybe the GamePad’s gyro sensor means you could motion control the birds. Anyone remember the Tingle Tuner? Why not see that item come back? Having the GamePad replace the GBA makes perfect sense and would give a whole new audience the chance to use this often overlooked feature.


5) Fine Tune the Sailing
Probably the biggest complaint about Wind Waker is the length of the sailing. Now honestly, I had no real problems with it. However sometimes the Great Sea did seem a bit too vast. Maybe the King of Red Lions could get a slight speed increase. Maybe the wind altering cutscenes could be skipped. Maybe the magic warp song could be learned a bit earlier. Maybe the landscape could be dotted with a few more rafts, enemies, and small secrets to see. There are lots of solutions to the issue and it’d be nice if Nintendo took any of them.


4) The Golden Triumph Forks
Not everyone hated the sailing but if there was one major issue everyone can agree on it’d be the Triforce fetch quest near the end of the game. Needing to sail all around the world to find a series of charts only to have to sail BACK to Tingle to have them deciphered got very old very quickly. Then needing to pay the tiny extortionist hundreds of rupees to decipher them made grinding for cash another chore. Something about this needs to be done. Like the sailing, there are many possible solutions. If Link was guaranteed to have the best wallet that would relieve the cash strain. If Tingle charged less it would be fine as well. One way or another this long stretch needs some fine tuning.


3) The Second Quest
Second Quests are nothing new to the Zelda series. Heck, Wind Waker even has one already. It’s pretty fun to run back through the game clad only in pajamas. What if the Second Quest had some more alterations though? Wind Waker is a fairly easy game.¬† The Second Quest could be a chance to change that. Maybe it shouldn’t go to Master Quest levels of challenge, but a few more powerful enemies or a few more location changes would be fun. It couldn’t be too difficult to alter the locations of some islands and make the world a bit more fresh. A different kind of challenge would be welcome after completing the main story.


2) The Lost Dungeons
A little known fact about Wind Waker is that there were quite a few time constraints on the game. The aforementioned Triforce Quest was put in as a result of not being able to finish certain aspects and the desire for an extra part of the game. It’s widely believed that Ice Ring Island, Greatfish Island, and Fire Island were all supposed to house full dungeons to hold those island’s plot centric items. Instead the fire and ice caves were greatly reduced and Jabun simply hands you Nayru’s Pearl. This one is definitely a stretch but it would be a nice treat if these ideas were expanded upon.


1) An Orchestrated Soundtrack
Of all the possible changes this would be the best. Wind Waker has an absolutely gorgeous soundtrack and having it implemented with a full orchestra would be amazing. Hearing the music in Skyward Sword proved that the epic nature of the Zelda series is best complimented by live music. From the climactic final boss music to the soft and sweet main theme, there is not a single note that wouldn’t be improved this way. The new music would also hit the emotional strings harder than before. Look Nintendo, we know you have a Zelda orchestra. We know you’ve converted some of Wind Waker’s music to a symphony. We know this can be done. If the graphics are to get an upgrade the soundtrack deserves one too.


That’s our list, but what about yours. Leave a comment and tell us any changes you’d like to see.

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