Feb 042013

Raheem Jarbo, Random


It’s not all loud guitars and silly songs in the VGM realm of music. No sir! In this episode of VGM Spotlight we take a quick look at a hipĀ  hop legend, especially in the world of Nerdcore. Random AKA Mega Ran.

I got the privilege to finally see him live at MAGfest and he did not disappoint. First off, his set was fun and energetic, secondly he played my favorite song AVALANCHE, and lastly he did an amazing freestyle. The freestyle consisted of him telling the crowd to hold stuff up and he rapped about all of it in a very clever fashion. Really though, did I expect any less? Not at all. Though I was disappointing about one thing, and that was myself. When I met him, he was super nice and I just stood there star struck and awkward. He even signed my copy of Black Materia.

If you aren’t familiar with the Nerdcore scene you might not know much about him, but I hope to change that and spark some interest so you can enjoy all he has to offer. Before I drop my top five favorites, let me give you a quick run down on what he does. Well besides laying the verbal beatdown and providing us with epic lyrical magic, he spits these rhymes to the beat of classic video game music. To be fair, he also uses non game music and that stuff is just as killer. He’s also teamed up with several other big names in Nerdcore like MC Frontalot and MC Chris. Don’t take my word for it though, the proof is in the pudding. Here are my top five songs. Give em a listen and tell us what you think. Heck, if you like them, give the rest of his music a try at his Band Camp page.


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