Feb 282013


This week the RoboComic looks for what is missing.


Can we at least find out what color it is?

Can we at least find out what color it is?


It’s time for the inevitable PS4 joke. I was pretty underwhelmed at the PS4 announcement. Not because I’m a raving fanboy and hate Sony. I don’t. I love my PS2. It just seemed…well lacking. We got tech specs and a new controller but almost all the games and demos were things we knew where coming. This just seemed like here’s some info you already know and announcements for announcements. That kind of “let’s build hype for hype’s sake” is kind of dumb, in my eyes. If you want us, the consumers, to be excited then give us something to be excited for. The promise of something coming down the line is not gonna cut it. I hope the PS4 comes out and knocks everybody’s socks off but until there’s something to see, I just can’t get much enthusiasm up.


This week’s comic was a little weird. I didn’t really want to do a PS4 joke because I kinda felt that ship had sailed but I ran into a snag while writing. If you’re curious about the “behind the scenes” info and a bit of insight into how things are “maturing” check out what happened.


See you next week.

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