Mar 222013

Every now and then someone posts something on your facebook or twitter that looks rather interesting. Often its something you already knew about or would have discovered on your own. The best moment though is when it’s something so good you can’t believe you had not seen it before. In this case it is youtube sensation (at least to me) “Smooth McGroove.” To be honest, I don’t know a lot about him. What I have gathered is he is a chainmail wearing, cat loving, bearded, song bird of all things wonderful. In this case, its video game music. This man (and often cat) do acapella renditions of several great video game songs. Most of his songs are either from Zelda or Final Fantasy. He does have a few non-video game songs that are just as killer.

Here are a few samples of his music. I suggest that you also subscribe to his YouTube channel for updates on his new stuff. Another great side note, my 11 month old baby girl LOVES watching his videos. Anytime she gets fussy, I know I can pop on Smooth McGroove and she will quietly become enamored with whatever it is she likes. Perhaps its his voice, the beard, or hopefully just the awesome video game music. Enjoy!


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