Jul 152009

E A Sports, we steal your games!Courtesy of 1up.com comes news that UFC’s president Dana White has spoken out against EA’s recent announcement and development efforts into an MMA themed EA Sports title.

The article goes on to discuss that about a year and a half ago when Dana White approached EA originally to make a new UFC game they sort of laughed him out of their offices citing that MMA isn’t a real sport and that EA wouldn’t want to even get close to making an MMA game.

Well now that they’ve announced that they’re developing EA Sports MMA Dana White is none too pleased.

Dana goes on to state that any UFC fighter that signs with EA for their new fighting title will be blacklisted from ever fighting in the UFC, ever!

Those are some pretty harsh restrictions but it makes sense. The man’s got a business to protect. On the other hand, as gamers, we have to be open minded about the possibility that EA could deliver a better finished product than THQ has and again, as a gamer, I’d latch on to this new contender in a heart beat.

Luckily for the UFC and THQ the latest entry into the series, UFC 2009: Undisputed, is an excellent and well rounded fighting game. The way they’ve managed to capture all the complex subtlties of MMA fighting and cram it into a controller is certainly worthy of praise. It’s done well too which is the real killer. (well, I could stand it if they reduced the frequency of flash KO’s. freakin’ headkicks! ARG!!!)

We’ll just have to wait and see how this pans out. UFC isn’t the only MMA fighting organization out there – there’s Pride, Dream, and EWC as well as some big names like Uriah Faber and that weirdo Japanese dude that wears the bumble-bee pants and does the flying armbars… you know who I’m talking about right? Ah never mind.

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