Jun 022010

Back at E3 2009 SEGA was treating the public to some of the first glimpses of Alpha Protocol – an espionage RPG which was one of my top picks for best E3 showing. It really looked like SEGA and Obsidian were cooking up the ultimate role playing game. A solid storyline mated with a dynamite action system and deep RPG elements had the hallmarks of a top shelf title. It was practically Mass Effect meets 007.

For months after its E3 showing Alpha Protocol sort of slipped back under the radar and only in the couple months leading up to its release had it resurfaced to showcase some of the same dialog and combat system we had already witnessed.

So now that Alpha Protocol is upon us have the developers delivered on all the potential and hype built up at E3.

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Alpha Protocol Resurfaces

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Apr 122010

At E3 2009 we caught our first glimpse of Obsidian Entertainment and SEGA’s Alpha Protocol, “The Modern Day Spy RPG”. As Keyan pointed out there were alot of spy themed games on show but this particular one caught the eye of our favorite professional hero.

That’s to say Alpha Protocol looked great. Interesting dialogue trees to move the story along and high grade stealth action combined to give all the spectators a good first impression. And then it seems like Alpha Protocol sort of fell off the radar for a bit and between numerous delays alot of us just sort of forgot about it.

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Jun 242009

Not your typical spy game.At a lengthy 15 minutes I reckon few will sit through the entirety of this trailer, however, this is what they were showing off at E3 a few weeks ago – and then some.

Alpha Protocol is infused with a robust dialogue system allowing players to role play their way through the game. Different reactions to folks will yield very different results. You can read all about that in our earlier E3 coverage here.

Hit the jump for the trailer.
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Jun 092009

There were plenty of spy games making the rounds at this year’s E3.  And while many eyes turned to the demonstrations for Splinter Cell: Conviction to get their next dose of espionage and stealth, others took a gander at Sega’s upcoming title – Alpha Protocol.

True to Sega-form at E3, they weren’t letting anybody play the game itself (note to Sega – stop doing that, jerks!  We want to play these games!), but they did have staff on hand that were running through demo levels of the title.  And what was interesting about this particular showcase was that they had two players going through the same level, but with very different results.

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Mar 162009

The poo is in the toilet, I repeat...!Well – this one has definitely caught us off-guard here at the JRE Offices.

Alpha Protocol looks to be a nice little mix up of international espionage, stealth spy action and a dash of RPG element thrown in for good measure.

The Splinter Cell and to a lesser extent Metal Gear series’ have held down the corner market on spy based games for much too long now and it’s about time we got some competition up in here.

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