Feb 262013
This is what trading on a bonus credit day feels like.

This is what trading on a bonus credit day feels like.

I used to be the kind of guy that rushed out to their local GameStop to trade in a game the moment they were done with it. It wasn’t too long ago that I decided this was a poor way to go about things. Not only do these kind of stores typically take advantage of their customers looking to get something new to play with minimal out-of-pocket investment, but they are also keeping money out of the hands of the developers that make the games we all love. Besides that, I have recently found myself with a small case of “trader’s remorse”, because there are games I wish I still had that I traded in long ago. Some of these games simply have sentimental value, but the others I genuinely think I could get some replay value out of.

Jade Empire
This was one of the three games I played on my original Xbox before getting tired of the thing and trading it in. It is an action RPG set in a mythical ancient Japan. The combat was really interesting, and involved a mix of martial arts, magic, and transformations. In typical Bioware style, there was an intricate dialogue system that allowed you to develop branching relationships with the characters. There were multiple endings to this game, and I got them all but I still can’t help but want to play this again!

I will miss my forays into a mythology tinged version of ancient China.

I will miss my forays into a mythology tinged version of ancient China.

Star Fox 64 3D
This was a very, very short game but it was also a lot of fun! I also never had a chance to try out the local multiplayer (because I have no friends). It took quite a while after beating it for trader’s remorse to kick in, but Star Fox 64 3D definitely gave me a case of it!

The Fable Series
I’m not talking about any of the weird Fable spin-offs here, I’m just talking about the main three games in the series. They weren’t the most well-received games, but overall I found all of them to be pretty fun. The magic system was simple and easy to master, even with the changes brought in later in the series. It was a blast to be able to work through the game as both “good” or “evil”; which I really thought of as “boring” and “quickly efficient” respectively. None of them were much on story, but sometimes you just really want a game that will let you jump right in and senselessly electrocute creatures to death with magic so you can unwind from a long day of work.

The Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Series
Knights of the Old Republic was one of the first “true” console RPGs I got into. There is a fantastic amount of depth here, several branching storylines, and a complex combat system that was easy to learn yet challenging to fully master. When the Old Republic MMO was being teased, I mistakenly got my hopes up thinking this could be the third installment in one of my most loved game series, but it was not to be. Even though the console they were made for is now incredibly obsolete, I find myself wishing I could take a second crack at these two games.


Dark Side of the Force? Nah, more like insanely awesome side of the Force.

Dark Side of the Force? Nah, more like insanely awesome side of the Force.

Zack and Wiki
This was an interesting and very cute point-and-click puzzle game for the Wii. It was also insanely hard! After making my way about halfway through this one, I found myself running to GameStop as fast as I could before I shattered the disc into a million pieces in a fiery rage-fueled fit. Now that I’m older, I think I have learned to be more patient with a game like Zack and Wiki, I regret getting rid of it and would love the opportunity to sit down with it again.

This isn’t intended to be an anti-used games rant, but rather an account of why you should consider hanging on to games for a little while after you’re finished with them. Sure, their “value” goes down in a used game store’s eyes and they’ll only give you $5 instead of $7 for a game for which you paid $60. Just stop for a second and ask yourself what the non-monetary value is for you if you keep it and decide to play it again a year down the road. That’s the kind of value that never depreciates.

Jul 312012

It’s true and I am not sure how to take it. I have been playing SWTOR since launch and have yet to feel it was a wrong decision. I still enjoy each time I log on and feel as though I have made a connection with the game. As an MMORPG gamer, that connection is important.


With this news, one can take it two ways. One way is the obvious screams of horror as the ship starts to sink. Talk of the game dying and all that will become even more rampant. Free to play is the MMORPG’s curse many will say. At the same time you have four games that come to mind: Dungeons and Dragons Online, Lord of the Rings Online, City of Heroes, and Star Trek Online. These four games were subscription at first and then went Free to Play. Upon doing this, they essentially saved their games. More people are willing to play for free obviously, because there is no risk. You see how the game is, if you like it then you might be willing to give them some money.

What exactly will be free? Well, pretty much the basics. There will be many limitations for free players, which you can unlock with Cartel Coins. These coins are the new currency that you can buy if you are a F2P player. Subscribers however get to access everything in the game without limits. They are also rewarded with cartel coins that can be used on all sorts of stuff. In fact, if you are a current subscriber, you will begin to get these coins that can be used when the game goes officially free this fall.

So, to me it looks like there’s enough reason to keep subscribing. Bioware is also promising more content updates starting in August. I am looking forward to what they have up their sleeve, like HK-51 as a companion.

For more information, you can follow these two links. SWTOR Free To Play and FAQ.

Apr 052012

BioWare announced, via press release, that the controversial ending to Mass Effect 3 will indeed be changed. Coming as a free downloadable expansion sometime this summer Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut will give players a chance to enjoy “deeper insights into how their personal journey concludes.” This will be done by the addition of “cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes”.


Dr. Ray Muzyka, Co-Founder of BioWare and General Manager of EA’s BioWare Label, says “With the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut we think we have struck a good balance in delivering the answers players are looking for while maintaining the team’s artistic vision for the end of this story arc in the Mass Effect universe.”


And now, after much brouhaha, the Mass Effect 3 ending controversy finally comes to a close. The journey was long and interesting but in the end the voice of the fans was heard. I bet it was the cakes that did it.




Mar 302012

We here at RoboAweome, in the interest of bringing the latest and best in gaming news, couldn’t let this update to an older news story slip past. Continue reading »

Mar 282012

We’ve mentioned the Mass Effect 3 ending controversy here before. Well now it seems some fans have decided revenge against BioWare will be delicious. Literally.

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Mar 062012

I’ve been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic since launch and I have to say that in my opinion its my favorite MMORPG that I’ve played. I know, that’s just like my opinion man, but to me it means a lot. Through out this time I’ve done a lot, but at the same time only scratched the surface. I have one character at max level and geared up with PvP epics, as well as a slew of alts ranging from level 15 to 32. Every time I log on, I get some sort of enjoyment from the game. Whether its a good game of huttball, selling a bunch of stuff on the Galactic Trade Network, or even just roleplaying for a couple hours I always feel good. Sure an occasional frustrating moment in a Warzone occurs, but that’s more or less the other players fault. There are really only a few minor things that annoy me about the game to be truthful, and with the Star Wars Universe to work with, the future is bright. Yesterday we got a taste of just how bright the future will be with the SWTOR Guild Summit. Guild leaders from all over the world flew to Texas to ask questions to the guys behind SWTOR. Along with that, they gave us a lot of details about the upcoming “Jesus Patch” 1.2.

If you’d like even more details from someone who was there, Darth Hater, a very reputable SWTOR website has all the info!

I am most excited about the addition of the Legacy system.


(Source: www.DarthHater.com)


Dec 202011

I still remember the day a while back that my friend showed me images of Star Wars: The Old Republic in its youth. It was just concept art, really and I said to him “Man, I hope they don’t screw this up!” For a while I was very skeptical of this title. I just knew something would go wrong with it. More information kept coming out. I knew if I gave SWTOR my heart, it would inevitably become broken. Often times we hype ourselves up so much only to be disappointed. I tried so hard not to get wrapped up in it but on that fateful day in 2008 it happened. This of course was due in part to the fact that I decided to sign up for the SWTOR beta, but against my better judgement, I began to get excited. Each month passed and I gradually became more and more excited and curious about this new MMO. Bioware generally makes decent to excellent games right? They did KOTOR which was fantastic, right? How could they possibly ruin SWTOR? I was drinking the Kool-aid, and man did I drink a lot of it. I soon became almost cultist-like with the amount of pro-SWTOR propaganda that would come spilling out of my mouth. My expectations were so high. Too high one might say. Many of my friends tried to pull me back to earth, tried so hard to make sure I wouldn’t be hurt. I commend them for trying, but it didn’t work. I was higher than a donkey in space (What the hell does that even mean?!) There has been a lot of hype for SWTOR from a lot of different sources too, so it’d be easy for someone to be pulled in like I was. The big question is, did SWTOR meet my expectations?

Awww Yeah! Work that pole!

I must first point out that with any MMORPG, it is difficult to truly give it a definite score for the game’s entirety. MMORPG’s are never actually complete because in the weeks, months, and years after launch these games evolve so much. I would like the reader to understand that this review is based on everything I have experienced. Now that we have that cleared up, let us begin shall we?

Let’s start at the beginning, character creation. Your first task is to choose your allegiance and class. The Republic has access to the Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Smuggler, and the Trooper. The Sith Empire has access to the Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, the Imperial Agent, and the Bounty Hunter. Each class branches off into two advanced classes you can choose from. From there you get skill trees that further specialize your character’s play style. Then you get to pick your race from various famous Star Wars races. At that point it is time to decide how you will look. This is probably one of the weakest parts of the game. The customization options are good enough to get a decent result and are more detailed than some games, but ultimately it feels a little lacking. I personally would have liked to see more playable race combinations.

I love this quest!

Once you have a carefully and well thought out name selected, like “Darthfacemelter,” you can hit the play button.Your story begins! WHOA WHOA WHOA HOLD THE PHONE?! Did you just say story?! Why in the world would an MMORPG have a story?! Aren’t MMOs just a big race to the end so we can all get our E-peens huge by raiding 9 days a week?! Well sir, I am glad you asked. In Star Wars: The Old Republic, each class has a detailed story filled with all sorts of great moments. SWTOR is different from many other MMOs, especially in this way. The game is very story driven. This is accomplished beautifully with tons and tons and tons of cut scenes filled with voice acting. They aren’t just cut scenes though, because you are given choices for how your character can respond. These responses ultimately affect your character physically.

I will attempt to explain how the Player Versus Environment content works in a simplified manner. You approach an NPC that is offering up a quest. You are then given a cut scene where the NPC gives you details of what is going on. You then react accordingly. Let’s pretend this is a mission to go to a droid factory and destroy the power generators. Obviously you want to get some experience points and some loot. Upon accepting the quest you are then to head on your way. Along the way, you will run into enemies. Upon killing one, you will notice next to your quest tracker that a bonus quest has appeared. It seems you now must kill 15 more of these things. Well, you are going that way anyway, and these things WILL attack you, so hey awesome! Free bonus EXP right? While in the droid factory you may find some other quests, but for this example you don’t. Once you get to the power generators you click on the flashy thing like you’d expect. Then another cut scene begins. A frightened man runs up and explains if you destroy the generators it will release toxins into the river that will kill the fish which is a local village’s food source. You are then given a choice: Either destroy the generators and poison a people’s food source and receive dark side points, or find some alternative way to deal with the situation so that you do not harm these people and receive light side points. The choice is YOURS! These points aren’t just there on your stat sheet either. The more you get, the higher rank in that side you get. For example, my Bounty Hunter is considered Rank II Dark Side. In fact a neat feature is that the dark side has actually corrupted him to where his skin has gone pale, dark circles under his eyes, and he has scorch marks around the corner of his lips. I assume something else happens for light side, but it’s probably silly. There is an option to turn these effects off, but why would you do that? The questing doesn’t feel like typical questing where you click the person, a box of text pops up, look at the rewards, and then just hit accept. No, it actually wraps you into the world of the game and you feel involved. There are some that complain that you can’t skip the cut scenes and just power through, but maybe just maybe this isn’t the game for you. Some of these quests are more difficult and require a group. These are called heroic quests, and can be quite fun. This also shows off how Bioware encourages grouping. In a group during these cut scenes, everyone gets to pick something to say. Once all the choices are picked a die is rolled and the highest actually gets to speak. During these grouped cut scenes you earn social points which you can redeem for all sorts of great items later. Also, don’t freak out because some goody two shoes decides to save the day and be all light side. Even though his roll won, you will still get dark side points if you chose a dark side choice. The other form of grouping are Flashpoints, which are pretty much dungeons. Many of them are filled with story rich cut scenes, while several others just turn you loose to get to working together.

Sure, killing off AI can be fun and rewarding, but sometimes you just gotta beat another player’s ass. Well, SWTOR is no slouch when it comes to PVP. It begins with the Warzones. Currently there are three, each with a different play style. First you have Battle for Alderaan which is your typical capture point type. In this mode, you are to capture three turrets to have them fire at the enemy ships in orbit. The second is Void Star, which is an attacker/defender type. One team has a door in three areas to destroy to get to a computer console. They can plant bombs on the doors, but the defenders can disarm them. Once the attacker team completes the objective, the defenders get a shot at attacking, but they only get the amount of time it took the attackers. Then comes my favorite. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME HUTTBALL?! Huttball is the newest intergalactic sport that takes two teams. These two teams must compete to gain control of a ball. Once they gain control they must cross the other team’s goal with it. At first you’re thinking “So it’s like capture the flag?” Well partially right, except you can pass the ball! Which also means you can intercept the ball! All the while an announcer is calling the plays! The ball carrier is slowed down, so it takes a lot of team work and good passing to score. If that wasn’t enough, the Huttball field is filled with hazards like flame thrower panels and acid pools. That’s not all. Huttball is the only Warzone that can have the same faction playing against each other! That’s right, Sith vs Sith, Republic vs Republic, and of course the standard Sith vs Republic. This greatly increases the player pool. By doing Warzones you get credits, experience, valor (which is your pvp level) and accommodations which are used to purchase pvp gear. Also a neat thing is that at the end of each match you can vote for someone as MVP. Each vote they get gives them more accommodations. The actual fighting in pvp seems very balanced so far. It’s obvious that Bioware cares about pvp because they have done a neat thing, and everyone gets this little bar under their health. You will notice it filling every time they are affected by crowd control. Once it’s full, they become immune to all CC affects for a short period of time. It gives you something to pay attention to so you don’t pop your stuns when you know it won’t work.

As you level up in your class story, you eventually get your first of many companions. Companions follow you around and support you. Depending on their “class” they can heal you or just help you kill stuff. They also like to sit in on your conversations and react to things you say. If they enjoy the way you make your choices, you may be able to score some virtual nookie from them. These companions can be outfitted just like you would your own character. They can also fill a spot if your group is in a bind. While they are not as good as player, they can often still prove useful. You will also notice that they aren’t complete morons just running around doing whatever. Their AI is actually pretty decent, as they know when to heal you and when not to shoot. I would say though that the companions’ most important tasks are the crew skills.

Crew Skills are SWTOR’s wacky way of naming their crafting system. You get three crafting skills. Typically you get one that makes stuff, like Armstech which makes weapons. Then you get two gathering skills. The best part is that ultimately you don’t have to do any of it! Sick of gathering materials all day? Well, just send your companion to do it! That’s right, you can put your companions to work by sending them on gathering missions and even telling them what stuff to make with it. Upon making an item you can reverse engineer it to get parts back. While doing this there is a chance to discover a better version of the thing you just made. This gives the crafting system a little more depth.

Speaking of items, one of the coolest things I have seen in an MMO is the modding system. Let’s say you get this really awesome piece of armor. In a typical game you’d have to replace it with some crappy purple robe because it has better stats. In SWTOR, they have certain pieces of equipment that you can mod. If you have one of these pieces and like the way you look, you can just mod it! What am I talking about by saying mod it? Well, modable armor has a few mod slots in it. These slots can be filled with armor plating, mod kits, and other enhancements. As long as you keep the mods upgraded, you can keep looking badass! The coolest thing that makes so much sense is that you can take the mods out (for a moderate price) and keep them. Essentially this means you can have multiple modable armor sets and just swap out the mods whenever you wanna change your look. There are some versions of this type of system in other games, but not nearly as great as this! It’s so user friendly and makes sense in lor as well as in game play.

Not only do you get access to your own companions, you get your own ship. These ships are used for you to travel to different planets, as well as to give your unused companions a place to hang out. These ships aren’t just for show either. You can also go on space missions and fight in epic space battles. There has been talk about the on-rails nature of the space battles. Well, you know what game is an on-rails space shooter? Star Fox! Panzer Dragoon! These games are great fun! The space battles in SWTOR are just as good if you ask me. You are also able to upgrade your ship’s weapons, armor, and shields.


The game play appears at first to be what some would call “tab targeting.” Well, most MMOs are. That’d be like calling Mario games an “A to jump” platformer. There is no auto-attack which is nice, keeps you in the action as you use your epic feeling abilities. Bioware had a vision to make everyone feel epic, and I think it was fulfilled. Right from the start you get some decent abilities that make you feel like what you are playing. From there the abilities get better and more specialized depending on which route you go. There are the typical skill trees that you use to put points in.

This is all accompanied by a great soundtrack filled with new and classic Star Wars tunes. The music goes great with the graphical look of the game. Environments look amazing as do the character models and creatures.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

ProsVery Polished! Great Game Play, Great art style, great voice acting, great PvE, Great PvP, Great story. The Game FEELS like Star Wars. The planets get bigger and bigger and feel very alive. You feel EPIC as you play.
ConsThe character customization can be limiting.
VerdictI have played a lot of MMORPGs. I have been playing them for over ten years now. I can honestly say that SWTOR is the best one I have ever played. The thing that excites me even more is the future of it. Bioware has already hinted at some great things they have planned. (Capital ships for guilds?! YES PLEASE) There is so much potential for great updates and expansions. New Races! New Planets! New Story! Star Wars is a rich universe and this game can really bank off of that. It really has that great Star Wars feel which is very important.


Oct 042011

Bioware finally gave us a release date and now, as I look at the calender, we are merely less than three months away from Star Wars: The Old Republic. I am squirming in my boots in excitement. It’s no lie I’ve been waiting for this game for a long time. I have been registered on their website since 2008 so I am eagerly awaiting my beta invite. So, with my fingers crossed, I give you the top five reasons I am looking forward to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

5. Space Combat
In the last couple of months, SWTOR info has been a whirlwind of action, unfortunately they have not given us too much information about the space combat except for what we already know. I have not forgotten though. There are a lot of whiny folks crying and bitching about space not being open. Yeah yeah, you can’t just go fly around and circle random asteroids or just park in space and watch planets do nothing. I don’t give a bantha poo-doo. What I have seen is some serious “on-rails” type space shooting that looks action packed and filled with explosions and “Oh Crap” moments. It actually reminds me of another game that was “on-rails” space shooter. That game was Star Fox, and guess what? IT WAS BADASS! Maybe a bunch of furries won’t be yelling for me to do barrel rolls, but I will be on the edge of my seat barreling past capital ships blasting wildly at anything that moves.

4. PvE Content
Bioware has told us that SWTOR will be story-rich and filled with interesting quests. Voice acted dialogue will give us a little more feeling for whats going on in these quests rather than silly blocks of text. These quests will also involve choices that affect your alignment. Want to be in the Republic and be Dark Side? Well, you can! Light Side Sith, DONE! Not only are there going to be exciting choice-filled quests, but there will be some great Flashpoints (dungeons) to explore with your friends. These flashpoints will also be filled with choices and epic bossfights, and not your typical tank and spank fair either. Along with the flashpoints are the Operations (Raids) which will challenge larger groups at end game. One great thing about these Operations is the wonderful loot system. No more drama with ninja looters or dragon kill points, or anything else silly like that. Once a boss is downed EVERYONE gets a loot bag that will either have equipment for your class, or currency that can be saved up and turned in for gear. Now players will be much more focused on actually working together rather than wondering if they will win a roll or not.

3. PvP
Considering that I will be playing a Bounty Hunter, I want to hunt other players. Sure, they don’t have a player bounty system in place yet, (*crosses fingers*) but that won’t stop me from hunting down Jedi and making them pay. The warzones they’ve revealed so far look pretty team oriented which is a plus to me. All the classes will be helpful in PvP, including tanks. Alderaan is a control point type battle, but with a cool twist. Huttball looks even more interesting. Essentially, it is a blood sport involving a ball in the middle and each team trying to cross the goal with said ball to get points. Hazards and traps will prevent your team from scoring as well as the other team. One interesting thing about this is that you can play against your own faction. Another cool thing is that you are not stuck with the ball, you can throw it to team mates and set up plays. Open World PvP also sounds very fun. They announced that there will be objectives to capture and the like with all sorts of rewards. To prevent zerging, there will be cool ways for people to tip the balance with guerrilla warfare. What’s better than blasting someone in the face with a Jawa at your side?

2. Companions
Speaking of Jawas, one intriguing thing about the game is the companions. Bioware is notorious for having interesting characters join you on your quests. Filled with great story-lines as well as being combat ready, companions will no doubt be a HUGE part of the game. Each class will get several unique companions that you can outfit with weapons, change their appearance, and even fall in love with and probably give the “Dirty Wampa”. In addition to making sweet sweet slave love with your Twi’lek, you can assign your cohorts jobs while they sit on the ship. That’s right, why should you get your hands dirty messing with crafting when you can make your companions do it for you? Oh, and the Bounty Hunters get a JAWA! Watch the clip below and watch the Jawa portion. HE USES A FREAKING ROCKET LAUNCHER! I AM SOLD BIOWARE! HERE IS MY MONEY!

Eh hem, sorry about that, I got a little excited.

I am a HUGE Star Wars fan. Heck, I am wearing Star Wars pants right now. It is a universe filled with rich lore. It’s set way before the movies which gives them a lot of freedom. Lightsabers! Wookies! Jedi! Sith! Bounty Hunters! Aliens! There is so much potential for new planets, races, and all sorts of things. The biggest thing is for it to FEEL like Star Wars. I have not played it yet, but every clip I’ve seen or article I’ve read has made me feel that it may live up to that. It’s no lie that the hype train is charging down the tracks and we’ve all got our fingers crossed that it won’t derail. Either way, come December I will be in a Galaxy Far Far away….

Oh, and if you are looking for a guild think about the Hand of the Sith.

Aug 182011

First off, I’m sure as you read this title you were scratching your head. What the hell is Huttball? When I saw it I was almost as baffled, but then became super excited. Huttball is a Warzone in BioWare’s upcoming MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. It is a Warzone like no other we’ve seen so far. Its actually a blood sport type deal on Nar Shadda. Two teams compete to grab a ball in the center of the arena and run it across the opponents goal line for points. It looks as thought its not limited by faction, so we can play against our faction buddies. This gives me an idea about forming Huttball leagues! The thing that intrigues me is in the video it looks like you can lob the ball to others on your team. The best thing, instead of tackling them, you can shove your light saber in their face. It kind of reminds me of Blitzball mixed with Grifball. Good to see BioWare is mixing it up with the Warzones.

Edit: This is the new trailer straight from the SWTOR website. Much better quality than the original one posted.


Aug 162011

Gamescom ’11 kicked off today in Cologne, Germany, and publisher EA was among the first companies to present some of their upcoming material to viewers. Odds are if you’re reading this, you couldn’t be present at the conference, so take a look at our recap of the event, chock full of news and trailers.

EA Sports Executive Vice-President, Andrew Wilson, and Creative Director, Gary Patterson, kicked off the conference by announcing the return of FIFA Street. The game will run on the same engine as the spectacular looking FIFA ’12, but will take the football/soccer action off the well-kept fields in major stadiums and bring it to the streets. FIFA Street will feature 35 locations and make use of a brand new one-touch passing system to make getting the ball to teammates quicker and easier. The game will release for Xbox 360 and PS3 in early 2012.

Next up was Need For Speed: The Run, the latest installment in EA‘s long-standing racing franchise. The game will take players on a 200 man race from San Francisco to New York, that will showcase the diverse environments that one would encounter on a cross-country journey. Following the trailer, two members of the Need For Speed team showed off in-game footage from a race through Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Not only was the level visually impressive, but looked like it could present a challenge in the form of dodging ice and falling boulders while trying to beat your opponents to the finish line. Need For Speed: The Run is scheduled for a November 18th release in Europe, but we can only hope bringing it to the States isn’t far behind. The only way the presentation could have made me more excited for the game is if you were forced to outrun an avalanche. You’re already working on a new SSX anyway, EA, so we know you can do avalanches. Make it happen.

Breaking away from the conference’s early focus on sports and racing, BioWare co-founder, Dr. Ray Muzyka, came on stage to discuss four games from the developer. He spoke briefly about Dragon Age: Legends, which debuted as a Facebook game last year, and recently appeared on Google+, before moving on to Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes, an Play4Free PC game coming this Fall.

Next Muzyka debuted a new trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic, the highly anticipated MMORPG set in the Star Wars universe. The trailer was in German, so unless you’re fluent in the language you won’t be able to understand the dialogue, but that only makes it slightly less enjoyable. Muzyka said the game has set a record for EA pre-orders since they became available last month. Considering how many people pre-order EA Sports titles like Madden and NBA Live every year, that’s saying a lot. The trailer showed viewers the MMO’s first end-game operation, The Eternity Vault. To end the presentation for SWTOR, the MMO’s lead designer took us through a live eight person demo of the game.

BioWare ended their stage time with perhaps the only game that could top the audience’s anticipation for The Old Republic, Mass Effect 3. Muzyka debuted the first video in Mass Effect‘s new Combat Reveal series, titled “Squad Leader.” We’d tell you more, but you’re probably going to want to watch it for yourself. For some reason, I was expecting to see more from Mass Effect 3, but I’m additional trailers and information will be coming over the next few months.

With BioWare‘s presentation drawing to a close, EA gave us the latest on SSX, including information on a new multiplayer mode, Explore. Explore saves a ghost of your best runs and tricks and broadcasts it to your friends, so you can be competitive with your friends even when they aren’t online. An iPhone app for the game  that will alert players when a friend has one-uped their best runs was also announced. SSX will also let gamers create customized events that allow for a massive 100,000 players to compete in real time. The snowboarding title let players “like” certain drops and recommend new courses based on their preferences, as well as rank their friends in a new feature called Ridernet. SSX arrives in stores this January.

EA Partners announced two upcoming RPGs, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and The Secret World. The first title is an open-world RPG set in a lush fantasy-based universe created by R.A. Salvatore, author of the best-selling Forgotten Realms fantasy series. The game is designed by Ken Rolston, who served as the lead designer on The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, so we have a lot of faith in the team’s ability to develop an immersive world and deliver a rich, engrossing story. The Secret World is an MMORPG that takes place in a modern world packed with mythology, history, and conspiracies, and lets players join secret societies. Rather than have players adhere to the a specific class and develop the skills related to it, The Secret World will allow the user to develop their own unique combination of skills from over 500 options. The game will be available exclusively for PC and is planned to be released in April, while Kingdoms of Alamur: The Reckoning is expected to arrive February 7th and will be on XBox 360, PS3 and PC

After kicking off the conference with FIFA Street, EA Sports brought out FIFA ’12, the latest game in the yearly franchise. The game will bring a new dimension of realism to the fast-paced soccer action by improving the AI to match each pro player’s actual style. This, along with more accurate controls to make passing, dribbling and defense easier should give an additional element of authenticity to the latest edition of FIFA.

EA closed their show with modern military FPS, Battlefield 3. To demonstrate the game’s co-op mode, two players demoed a mission to capture a target that delivered stealthy gameplay, as well as a more aggressive, guns-blazing approach after triggering an alarm in the warehouse where the mission begins. After exiting the building, the action takes to the streets as gamers had to escort a convoy down a street lined with enemies.

Following the demo, footage of the game’s multiplayer was shown, and featured a variety of combat situations, from soldiers on foot attempting to take out enemy tanks, to epic aerial battles in fighter jets. It was definitely a strong finish to the conference, and makes us believe that while Battlefield 3 might not sell as many copies as Activision‘s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (we’re just being realistic here), it could definitely give the king of first person shooters a run for its money.

Overall, EA put on a great show and I’m blown away by not only the apparent quality of their upcoming games, but the immense diversity in content. Take a look at the trailers/demos and let us know what you thought about the conference, the games you’re most excited for and what you thought was the overall most impressive game to be shown at EA‘s Gamescom presentation. Not only can you do that in the comments section, but you can, ***SHAMELESS PLUG TIME***, register for the new RoboAwesome community forums and talk about it there. Be sure to keep checking RoboAwesome for news, trailers, and updates from Gamescom ’11.