Nov 182011

Suddenly, free-to-play games have just gone to a whole new level.

The hot online action of mechs blowing each other apart took a turn for the awesome with the announcement from Crytek and Piranha Games that MechWarrior Online will use CryENGINE3 to power the blistering battles of robotic mayhem.

From early information, it looks like the F2P model will probably be supported by supplementing your in-game income to purchase newer, more powerful parts to customize your mech to better suit your play style. Well, of course, that’s the entire point of free games. When Valve made Team Fortress 2 free-to-play, their income from the in-game store (The Mann-Conomy) increased five-fold. Could this be a precursor to higher-quality games coming to us for free? I sure hope so.

I’d suggest heading over to their site to register for an account now!

Jun 292010

Crazy critters with plasma weapons on the scale of pumpkin chuckers? Time to get your nanosuit ass outta that subway station pronto! Photo courtesy of EA Games

First things first.

Crysis 2′s demo shown by EA Games at E3 got me wet (but not in the mouth)…and I don’t even have those parts.

With that said, here’s the how and why.

With the new CryENGINE3 calling the shots for Crysis 2, CryTek physics have yet again progressed to another astronomical level.  With a thoroughly destructible environment, the concrete jungle of New York (the setting for Crysis 2) is sure to sensationalize the collateral damage you will be able to dish out.  Of course, the alien villains of Crysis 2 will also lay waste to the once prosperous metropolis, but in real game time.

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A Day For Fools

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Apr 012009

Yoda-lida-lay-he-whooooo!Every day I dig through my press releases that come to my inbox, scour the internet for clips that real gamers care about, or suss out other newsworthy events to deliver to our readers.

Today though has been an effort in futility. Every site is plagued with April Fools jokes or regurgitated news on games we’re tired of reading about. There is literally nothing worth reading on the net outside of

And thank Robot Jesus for that…
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