May 032011

No key features have been announced for these DLCs, though the storylines offer intriguing lore for the Fallout Universe. Photh courtesy of Bethesda

Bethesda Softworks® announced three new downloadable content packages for Fallout®: New Vegas™.  These three additions will simultaneously release for the Xbox 360®, Playstation® 3, and Windows-based PC systems.

The three new packs will be available over the next three months with the first, Honest Hearts™, releasing May, 17.

Honest Hearts™ casts the Courier on an expedition to Utah’s Zion National Park, unspoiled wilderness.  Regrettably, your caravan is ambushed by tribal raiders before you reach the National Park, forcing a retreat to the Mojave.  On your way back, the story intertwines your path with a mysterious Burning Man, a New Canaanite  missionary, and tribal factions.

In June, Old World Blues™, admits the player into the clutches of a mad scientist; escaping from his mutative experiment gone wrong.  This highly remote DLC cages the player within a Pre-war research facility in the Big Empty.  Initially an escape from your kidnappers, a more dangerous threat presents itself offering either two enemies, or an ally.

Coming in July, Lonesome Road™, fills in precursor storyline to the Couriers job transporting the Platinum Chip to New Vegas.  The original courier six, Ulysses, refuses to embark across the treacherous Divide, a hurricane-swept canyon, to deliver the Chip in New Vegas.  If you take this last job Ulysses promises to explain his refusal to deliver the Chip while foreshadowing your long journey across the Divide towards New Vegas.

These will sell for $9.99 on Steam®, Direct2Drive, or Playstation® Network and for 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live®.

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