Jul 092013

ROBOCAST041In this episode we talk about the Ouya for about five seconds, Aron wonders just what a power brick is for as Jessie cheers the fact that the PS4 won’t have one, and we delve into some stories about people being real jerks over fighting games.

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Feb 212013

Yesterday, Sony held a press conference and streamed it for the world to see.  Reactions among gamers and gaming press alike ranged from underwhelmed to outraged (with a smattering of overjoyed). The new system promises to deliver a plethora of social options, and the ability to stream a game demo from the cloud without having to download it. Overall though, it seems like more of the same from Sony, and what little changes they’re making are ideas they’ve borrowed from their competitors.

Check out the video below for what is probably the most brilliant, and hilarious summary of the PS4 reveal press conference.


Jul 052011

According to a recent post on GameInformer the PS4 is going into development later this year with an expected 2012 launch date.

This comes on the heels of rumors that we posted about in regards to the next XBOX console being hinted at for a reveal at next years E3.

Per the source of the PS4 rumor the next Sony console will feature a Kinect type  feature. What would really make a big splash though is if it also integrated the Move system to be able to track full body and control movement. Combine that with some 3D and a rumble vest and you’ve got one hell of an immersive video game experience.

Personally I think it’s way too soon for the next generation of consoles. I was hoping to ride this wave out for at least a few more years before seeing the next round but I guess Nintendo has finally lit that fuse with their Wii U. And if Sony comes out with a console during the holiday 2012 season you can bet the next Microsoft product will be close behind.