Dec 072010

Metal Slug will be one of two titles to release for both PS3 and PSP upon launch. Photo courtesy of Michael Meyers PR

Fans of the NEOGEO® cartridge-console system with a Playstation® 3 or PSP® will have a reason to celebrate an early Christmas this year.  SNK Playmore USA Corp. announced today that the NEOGEO® Station emulator will release on the Playstation® Network Dec. 21, 2010.

SNK has stated a lineup of 10 classic titles will release upon launch with more titles to come in 2011.  For the PSP®, only two of those ten will be available on the 21st, the rest will release next year.

More Bang, Less Buck

However, those expecting a 2 decades past experience will be pleasantly surprised with the editions SNK and Sony have integrated with NEOGEO® Station.

The NEOGEO® Station will feature customizable settings saved to your system; from button configurations, to screen resolutions, volume settings, and skipping the opening menu.  The station will also allow players to save their progress within game while in game.  Called a “State Save,” players can save and return to their progress by navigating through the Pause Menu to the subsequent Save and Load menus.

Fatal Fury will also release for both systems on Dec. 21. Photo courtesy of Michael Meyers PR

SNK has also recreated the NEOGEO® Memory Card for the station.  Instead of utilizing State Save, players can turn on the memory card at the main menu of each game.  With a complete emulation of the memory card for the console-system, players will be able to save their progress, unlock hidden characters, or activate cheats as if it was 1990.  Any information saved while the memory card feature is active will be saved as the System Save Data.

The greatest addition to the classic NEOGEO® experience through the station is networking.  Yes networking; and considering the titles being released, whether on PS3® or PSP®, networking will go viral for this station.

Game title dictating, players will engage in versus or cooperative gameplay through a few options.  Players can either join a Quick Match, search for a match within certain parameters, or create their own.  Players can also send invitations to friends to join a game through Friend Invite.  However, the network capabilities don’t end there.  With a full breath of settings, players can even activate Voice Chat.

Sound Player Mode showing the tracks for Alpha Mission II. Photo courtesy of Michael Meyers PR

Although most of these network features are limited to the PS3®, PSP® players can setup ad hoc networks via wireless LAN for


For those looking to enjoy the background music of these classic titles, a Sound Player Mode has also been integrated into NEOGEO® Station, allowing players to kick out the jams as well as the games.

Those new to NEOGEO® need not worry about breaking into these games.  For one, they aren’t hard to catch on to; but either way SNK has also integrated In-Game manuals for each title.

Ranging from a suggested price of $8.99 for PS3® titles and $6.99 for PSP® titles, the NEOGEO® Station  will be low cost but seething with potential.

Metal Slug's manual. Photo courtesy of Michael Meyers PR

10 Classic Titles

The NEOGEO® titles set to release later this month are:

  • Fatal Fury® (PS3/PSP)
  • Alpha Mission II
  • The King of Fighters® ’94
  • Samurai Shodown®
  • Baseball Stars Professional
  • Magician Lord
  • Metal Slug® (PS3/PSP)
  • League Bowling
  • Super Sidekicks
  • Art of Fighting®

For more information on NEOGEO® Station, click here.

Graphic courtesy of Michael Meyers PR