UFC Declares War On EA

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Jul 152009

E A Sports, we steal your games!Courtesy of 1up.com comes news that UFC’s president Dana White has spoken out against EA’s recent announcement and development efforts into an MMA themed EA Sports title.

The article goes on to discuss that about a year and a half ago when Dana White approached EA originally to make a new UFC game they sort of laughed him out of their offices citing that MMA isn’t a real sport and that EA wouldn’t want to even get close to making an MMA game.

Well now that they’ve announced that they’re developing EA Sports MMA Dana White is none too pleased.
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Apr 282009

What'd you say about my momma?!?Last night after jam night I decided it was about time I grabbed up the demo on XBOX Live for THQ’s new fighting game, UFC 2009: Undisputed.

While the game doesn’t release until the upcoming May 19th date THQ was nice enough to drop a demo for us to get a taste of what it’s like to go toe to toe in the Octogon.

So how was it? I really liked it but to understand where I’m coming from you should know a couple things…
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Feb 202009

Can't... quite... pinch it... off...!Another game trailer from THQ…

I guess today is their day huh? Well I love UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Watching a couple guys smash each other’s faces in never really gets old and the nature of the mixed martial arts sport ensures that every match up is unique and exciting.

I don’t think the same could be said for this game though. The intricacies of each UFC fighter’s fighting style is such that I can’t imagine it mapping well to a game controller. I mean, how will I pull off the Brazilian bow tie as Anderson Silva? The hammerfist of Chuck Liddel? The Cleveland Steamer of yours truly… oh, wait… no, no, that’s not right.

Hopefully it comes out better than it looks (the game that is.. not the c.steamer)
Hit the jump for the trailer.
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