Feb 192013

Steam-LogoValve recently announced the launch of their popular digital games distribution platform, Steam, for Linux. This is exciting for open source software hippies like myself, who use Linux as part of their every day computing life.

The client can be easily downloaded via the Ubuntu Software Center (Ubuntu is the recommended Linux distribution for Steam), and to celebrate the launch over 50 Linux compatible games are 50-75% off until Thursday, February 21st.

Now if only I could get a PC worth playing games on…

Jan 172013


We’ve known for a while that Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed was getting a PC version. Today SEGA announced that some new characters would be joining the crossover.


While Wii U and Xbox 360 gamers could gloat at having special console characters, PC gamers now get to brag at having THREE. Popular characters from Valve’s Team Fortress 2 have been confirmed. During their vehicles car state, the Pyro drives while the Heavy pilots the boat and the Spy flies the plane. In addition Creative Assembly’s Total War series has its Shogun join while Sports Interactive’s Manager Man from Football Manager gets in on the action. It’s not known what vehicles they will pilot, but what is known is all three characters will be unlockable from the start.

The PC version can be downloaded starting January 31st for $29.99. With a lower price and extra characters, the PC version may end up being the best for fans of crossover action.

Mar 062012

Last year, Valve declared that it would offer cross-platform play between PC, Mac, and PS3, for its team based FPS, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. After examining information that it’s collected from the game’s beta, they’ve decided to scrap the idea.

Chet Faliszek, a representative from Valve, told gaming site, Joystiq, that the decision came from the company’s desire to provide consistent updates to the PC and Mac versions of the game after it launches. According to Faliszek, “…we need to separate the platforms so one doesn’t hamstring the other… we have removed the idea of cross-platform play — essentially make all platforms stronger by not mixing them.”

If you’re interested in signing up for the Counter Strike: Global Offensive beta, you can fill out this survey to be considered for testing.


Aug 292011

The wildly successful Portal series has provided countless fan-made videos, including two amazing videos that both dropped this week.

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May 192011


The original Portal was released in the Valve compilation set ‘The Orange Box’ as a companion to Half Life 2 and Team Fortress 2, and became an instant success, arguably more so than the games it shipped with. The quirky sense of humor, mind-bending puzzles, and un-truths about baked desserts won over gamers and non-gamers alike. It’s easy to find someone who knows every word of Jonathan Coulton’s infectious ending song ‘Still Alive’ and can quote GLaDOS verbatim, and has never played a second of Half-Life. And now, after years of waiting, the sequel is finally here.

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Apr 142011

A view of the Steam Overlay Friends Tab for PS3. Photo courtesy of Valve

Big news from Valve® hit the internet yesterday. With the release of, Portal 2, Valve® will offer PlayStation® 3 users a Steam® Overlay allowing them to access a plethora of features connected to the Steam® Cloud.

With the advent of the Steam® Overlay, the wealth of Steam® Cloud features available for PS3™ users will include; cross-platform matchmaking and play between PS3™ and computer copies of Portal 2 whether Windows or Mac-based, access to Steam® Friends which will allow basic chat and friend management, viewing of friends community profiles, viewing of achievements gained through Portal 2, along with a news tab for the latest announcements.  Your PlayStation® Network friends will also be accessible via the Steam® Overlay.

As with the computer based release of Steam®, the Overlay will show friends online or in-game status, while granting quick and easy access to friend, game, or chat invites.

Those with a current Steam® account will be able to log-in and link their existing profile to their PlayStation® Network ID.  If you do not have an existing Steam account, the Overlay will allow for you to create one.

All cooperative or single player progress within Portal 2 will save onto the Steam® Cloud, which will allow players to start where they left off on any PlayStation® 3.

For those who purchase Portal 2 for PS3™, a one-time redeemable code will be generated allowing you to also install the game to your computer via Steam®.

For more information on Portal 2, click here.

Apr 142011


"Hello? Is anyone there?"

Portal 2 will be out in just a few days and I feel….kind of ambivalent. The first one was great and a sequel with new physics, mechanics, and a co-op mode sounds like an amazing expansion to the simple ideas from the first. Somehow though, it just doesn’t have the same “wow” factor the first game had. I’m sure it’ll still be an amazing game. Although seriously, I’m still waiting to hear ANYTHING about Episode 3.

Oh well, can’t have my cake and eat it too I suppose. See you next week.

Jul 082010

…you’re sure of some brand new surprises for the forthcoming (and long-awaited) Engineer update. Every day this week, Valve’s Team Fortress 2page is being updated with new details about the shiny new additions to their immensely popular cel-shaded FPS.

We all know that the Engineer can be a key member of a team; a well-placed sentry can defend a capture point, pick off opponents escorting a payload or ensure that no sneaky type can get their hands on your team’s intelligence. But many have also experienced the frustration of having to camp out near their sentry in order to defend it, with little else to do except upgrade it to maximum and hope that someone walks into the line of sight of the missiles.

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Jun 162010

This morning we were treated to a showing of Portal 2 from Valve a sequel to Portal that originally shipped with The Orange Box back in 2007.

When The Orange Box released many thought the big draw would be Half Life 2 and the expansions along with Team Fortress 2 while Portal was just sort of a tag along. No one would have guessed that Portal would be met with such overwhelming praise. In response Portal was re-released for the XBox Live Arcade as a stand alone download and featured some added content to sweeten the deal.

Having already heard a great deal of high praise for Portal this was an easy sell for me and I’ve been a fan of the series ever since. Now getting the chance to see Portal 2 in action was a real treat and while we didn’t get any hands on time the guys at Valve had a lot of cool game footage to show us.

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Apr 192010

Around these parts we have a sort of love affair with zombie slaughter (well, at least I know I speak for Trixie and myself). So it comes as good news that the long awaited DLC expansion for Left 4 Dead 2 titled “The Passing” is just about set to claw it’s way out of the graveyard and onto our XBox 360s!

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