Vampire Resurrection?

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Feb 152012

Now this is the kind of rumor and speculation you want to see first thing in the morning. Siliconera has reported that Capcom has filed a new trademark for their Darkstalkers brand. Now this could mean nothing more than Capcom wanting to keep their trademarks current and protected.

Let the speculation begin!

But fighting game master Yoshinori Ono has gone on record saying he’s a fan of the series and would like to make a new title. Ono has also been successful in bringing Street Fighter back with Street Fighter 4 and its sequels. He’s also made many a fighting game fans dream come true by collaborating on Street Fighter X Tekken. He should be the perfect person to bring back a much beloved fighting franchise. And hey, since Street Fighter X Tekken is nearly launched…shouldn’t he have a lot more free time now?