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Missy Martinez Geeky Lil Bastard,LilHumpers

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    Missy Martinez Geeky Lil Bastard,LilHumpers

    How funny is life? U run 4rm me bcoz ur money don cum,u 4get wen I was telling u 2 bliv in urself ND keep grinding,i no vex bcoz I get my own hustle nd I day tell God to bless us both,but in the end I know say we know the story, so I bliv. God is the greatest in Jesus name Amen.Thats exactly it – VERY dangerous to the millions who are plugged into their ego motivated sensationalism. They just can’t even see themselves how they appear. Peston, Maitlis… thankfully I no longer watch any of them other than Twitter clips: its way out of line.

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